One of a Kind Bags - Reusing Upholstery Samples March 23, 2015 10:20

A Neighbor of mine is an interior decorator specializing in Hotels. Recently he was throwing out a bundle of sample fabric squares he had acquired over the years, consisting mostly of upholstery and curtain material, with some odds and ends of leather too. I was at the right place at the right time, able to get this wonderful gift from him, saving it from the big county garbage heap. The large bag was filled to the brim with all different patterns and prints. Most samples are about one foot squares, others are larger, about two feet squared; Altogether the once discarded bag of samples weighted 27 pounds.


Often at Olde Dog, when making bags from used sails or scrap canvas, we produce ten to fifteen products a time, depending on the amount of consistent fabric available. Considering all the fabrics in this bag are different, and there is a limited amount of each, in order for these samples to be made into products, each and every bag or wallet would have to be completely different.

So, We have added a One of a Kind Collection to the Olde Dog website, where you can find truly unique Handbags and Wallets. These are one-off items that will never again be duplicated. You can be guaranteed anything from this collection will be the only one made of it's kind, an absolutely original product. 


For the first couple projects, I of course choose some of my favorite prints from this wonderful little collection of samples. Some of these fabrics are heavily embroidered in magnificent colors and textures. The size of the fabric square determined the type and size of the bag to be made. In the case of all evening bags shown below, no fabric was wasted from the square, rather the inner lining was cut to match the dimensions. The two floral print Handbags also incorporate recycled sail cloth as the lining.         


With 27 pounds of fabric donated, there will be many new "One of a Kind" items coming soon check back to see what becomes of all this wonderful discarded material.