Sailcloth Bag Care Instructions

WOVEN CLOTHS:Standard white crusing sailcloth, or Dacron Polyester, and all other woven cloths such as rip-stop nylon and pack nylon.

 Recommendation: Soak in warm or cold water with laundry detergent of your choice, biodegradable is always best; scrub with light brush for tough stains. Air dry on a sunny day.

 Machine washing: Fabrics are completely machine washable. It is recommend that you bind the bag's handles with rubber bands if the washing machine in use has a central agitator; or simply spot clean to avoid tangling of handles. Always Air Dry.

Cotton Rope Handles: (three-strain braided white rope) No Bleach! Using Bleach or other more caustic substances may cause cotton ropes to turn yellowish. If such discoloration should   occur, simply re wash the bag in clean water (no soap whatsoever) then air dry, which will purge the fabric of remaining bleach  and should solve this problem.

 **WALLETS: woven fabric wallets can simply be tossed into your regular machine washed laundry load.  


LAMINATE CLOTHS: Racing Sailcloths often containing Kevlar or carbon fiber yarn passes, pressed together in-between layers of Mylar plastic.

Recommendation: Always spot wash with bio detergent by hand and air dry. Soaking, machine washing, and machine drying  can cause the Mylar layers of fabric to become de-laminated and weaken the structure of the material.


Thanks so much! Contact me with any other questions,

Tom K. Anderson