Recycling your Sails: Donate to Maryland Artisan

Have old sails for the garbage heap? Donate instead to a local artisan to be reused into new & imaginative products! Olde Dog handmade Bags, Wallets, & Fabric Art. Sails or end rolls of fabric in your garage, closet, or boat locker that you would like to get rid of? Your old sail could easily become someone's new favorite Handbag or Wallet!

Please Contact me via email. When we determine the sail or fabric is indeed salvageable, I will personally pick it up, if you are in the Chesapeake Bay area, otherwise we can discuss shipping at that time.

Depending on the size and condition of your donation, Olde Dog will provide you with a Bag, Wallet, both, or generous discount as a Thank You! You may have your retired sail turned into a custom creation, or choose from products in our inventory. Thank you for supporting a small business,

Recyclable Items of Interest:

  • Sails of all kinds
  • Sail storage bags
  • Industrial Canvas scraps
  • Halyards and ropes
  • Upholstery fabrics
  • Webbing, Seat belts
  • Home project scraps
  • Unused end rolls
  • Curtains
  • Tyvek
Tom K. Anderson


Thanks to local shops and organizations for donating and recycling!

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