About Olde Dog

Olde Dog is a small artisan start-up business specializing in unique Bags and Wallets made from not only recycled sail material, but discarded or vintage fabrics of all kinds. While this shop may be referred to as we or our, Olde dog is a one-man-band of a business, from initial design, to production, and retail sales. After eight years of professional sailmaking experience, Olde Dog was started on Etsy in 2011. Customers began seeing booths at Art festivals, concerts, and local events in the Delmarva region in the spring of 2015. If you are visiting the area, See our List of Events and local merchants were you can shop our products in person. 

Based on the principle of reusing quality worthwhile discarded fabrics, we use retired sails and industrial scraps to produce most of our products. Because the flow of recyclable materials constantly changes, so does our diverse inventory. No sail is exactly the same, especially true with some of the modern racing cloths. We've been refining our products and lines, adding different materials and designs, while continuing to explore new possibilities.  Bag finishing designs and Artwork inventories are constantly changing.

We are one of few company's to offer products made from (recycled or new) Dyneema Cuben Fiber. This high tech fabric was originally developed for large Asymmetrical Head Sails, in order to minimize weight and maximize strength. The Dyneema fibers that compose this material are commonly used in high tensile ropes and are said to be fifteen times stronger than steel. This waterproof material has countless uses besides sails and has seen a growth in popularity for anyone looking to travel light.  

All products are handmade in our shop overlooking the Chester river on Maryland's Eastern shore. The Chesapeake bay area provides a great source for reclaiming older sails for use in many of our projects. Our recycled sail wallets are make from 100% recycled sails or industrial scraps. Our Bag's styles and materials vary, but contain anywhere from 70 - 95% recycled materials. At Olde Dog we take the time to smell the roses; quality always takes precedent, creativity a close second. If you have your own custom vision, inquire by email: oldedogsewing@protonmail.com




"I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your amazing customer service and even better product. I can honestly say it was the best gift I've ever given. The recipient of your bag was speechless once she realized everything that went into her new beach/teacher/all purpose tote. Thanks again for everything. Cheers!" - Jonathan

"Love your work! Durable and good looking! Great transaction, fast shipping! Thanks!" - Kristen

"Most likely the best wallet I've owned and ever will unless I buy another from Olde Dog." -Tristan

"Fantastic product, great quality, both build and material, ultra thin. Vendor shipped in 24 hrs. Will definitely use Olde Dog again." - Jason 

"Nothing compares with this wallet." - Melissa

 Visit: etsy.com/shop/oldedog/reviews to see all of Olde Dog's Etsy reviews.


Thanks to local shops and organizations for Donating and recycling: 

annapolis canvas                    national sailing hall of fame